420’s are finally in, and they’re looking fresh!

My printers taken an unusually long time with these, they were meant to be printed by last week already. So even though it was beyond my control I’d like to offer both my apologies and sincerest thanks to everyone that’s waited! I’ll be mailing them out first thing tomorrow morning, so expect them early next week 

Printed using soft water-based inks, on organic and carbon-neutral cotton, I personally guarantee these will be among the highest quality tee’s you can find. Get yours now atwww.dubbzapparel.com


Big ups to my homie Fabe @dubbzapparel super quick delivery
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Posted on May 2, 2013

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Don’t forget the new 4/20 tee is now available for pre-order on our site! All orders will be shipped out with a them circular vinyl stickers.

A couple of low res, grainy photos of an awesome event! 3 pics of Secretwalls the next day also.

Getting a vinyl banner printed in preperation for Sneaks N Peaks tomorrow.. looking legit!

4/20s jst over a month away, time to start planning a new drop!

Made this out of pure boredom last night, expect some dope new products soon though.. Whats everyone think of the wake & bacon idea? Roll with that or use a different stoner phrase?

Dubbz fam, get to know.. the Buttdregon!

So I had a little play around with a laser engraver today… whats everyone think?

Gonna keep looking around for the highest quality method of engraving them before I put em on sale but expect to see some dope new products coming soon ;)

Boys ‘n girls, ladies and sickheads, I present to you the new and exclusive Dubbz x Rua range!

Printed on the highest quality garments with the softest inks to ensure you fools can rock em with style n comfort. In limited numbers too so grab em before they go!

Big ups to everyone for all the support so far, much love!


Who like purple tees, mushrooms and boobies? Be a sickhead and rock all three on your chest!

It’s been a long time in the making but the Dubbz x Rua range is finally all printed! Start gathering the pennies, this is gonna be big!

This Friday, 4.20pm GMT, www.dubbzapparel.com

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